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The International Hospitality Council was established with the aim of advancement of education and the advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science.

The purposes of IHC are wide ranging from creating an International platform for the interaction of travel and hospitality enthusiasts from around the world to developing policies that promote relief from poverty through education and employment growth.IHC is active in the support and aid of the International Hospitality Day, thus encouraging all persons involved in global hospitality, Travel and tourism industry to celebrate and promote hospitality education and sharing the best practices. IHC also plans and organizes the publication and distribution of appropriate leaflets, articles research finding on a regular basis for disseminating and sharing knowledge with persons and organizations globally.

Organising and overseeing skill competitions are already underway with the Young Chef Olympiad and it is the intention to widen the skills base in terms of competition. The Olympiad also included an International Chefs Forum at which leading International Chefs and other senior executives from the Industry spoke to an audience of around 150 and enabled an invaluable networking experience. Each competitors and their mentor also produced a national dish that formed the centre piece of an evening of World Cuisine attended by many dignitaries from India and Consulates based in Kolkata.

The IHC has been involved in the delivery of the Young Chef Olympiad . The Olympiad is a major International competition for young student chefs from all over the world and has attracted entries from more than 50 countries. Apart from the competition itself the event promotes opportunities for these young aspiring master chefs to meet, discuss and share knowledge and experiences from their own cultures. Each competitor is accompanied by a Mentor from his or her Institute/College and this further enables the opportunity for future cooperation to be set up between educational institutions from around the world. Activities of a similar nature are organized through which the IHC brings together educationalists and students from around the world to focus on developing career opportunities for young people irrespective of their background and raising public awareness of the opportunities and social benefits that careers in hospitality and tourism can bring.

The main beneficiaries are the young people in education, both school and post school and those who are seeking to develop personal and workplace skills for a career in hospitality and tourism. The primary focus is on those young people who come from poorer backgrounds and who live in countries where training and development resources are limited. The IHC will of course be working with other more affluent locations which have much better resources and, with their support and shared participation, the IHC will ensure interaction between all. Within the wider global community, the results of the work of the IHC will be very visible and should generate a much greater awareness of how the hospitality and tourism industry can benefit the future lives of so many young people around the world, irrespective of their personal circumstances. The IHC intends to coordinate future Conferences that would seek to address contemporary issues through which hospitality and industry can play a major global role. The IHC has also published its very first Journal including articles from leaders in the culinary world, many of whom were involved as Judges at the Olympiad. It is the intention that this Journal will be published on a regular basis with input from industry and academic specialists.

For any young person having industry figures of repute and high standing as role models and possible mentors is a major influence in today’s world. Through the auspices of the IHC, it is intended to identify such persons and to award them for their contribution and commitment. Recognition will also extend to outstanding young people who demonstrate very special skills and attributes – be they work skills or personal skills and attributes.

IHC is the driving force for the International Hospitality Day and which is celebrated on the 24th of April each year. Although originally celebrated in India only the Day was expanded in 2017 and reached nearly 50 countries. Involved in the celebrations were hospitality and tourism students; schools and colleges and hospitality businesses and their staff.

International Hospitality Day

The International Hospitality Day is a unique Initiative of the IHC (International Hospitality Council) with the three major objectives:

  • Celebrate Hospitality
  • Promote Hospitality
  • Educate Hospitality

Hospitality dates back to the beginning of humankind, to be human is to be hospitable. The rule of St Benedict used by Monks for fifteen centuries has a vow of hospitality. This means that to be a good person we must be hospitable. The world needs to embrace hospitality in its many different forms, to understand different cultures, our differences through better communication and sharing of ideas. Hospitality can bring peace to the world, weapons win wars but ideas, communication and acceptance brings peace. Hospitality brings people together, through sharing and social interaction. It helps to promote and develop a civilised society. To achieve this we need more hospitality and training education in the world. Much can be learned from all the subjects that embrace hospitality. Therefore, we welcome whole heartedly the International hospitality day, it’s vital relevance and importance to the world. Read More

Industry Speaks

Sandeep Johri

GM @ Novotel , Kolkata

Kumar Shobhan

GM @ Hyatt Regency , Kolkata

Manish Gupta

GM @ Taj Bengal , Kolkata

Pramode Bhandari

GM @ The Park Hotels

Samrat Dutta

GM @ Taj Bengal , Kolkata

Gaurav Singh

Multi Property VP @ JW Marriot

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