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Dr Suborno Bose

CEO & Convenor

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Ronald Scott

Secretary General



International Hospitality Day

The International Hospitality Day is a unique Initiative of the IHC (International Hospitality Council) with the three major objectives:

  • Celebrate Hospitality
  • Promote Hospitality
  • Educate Hospitality

Hospitality dates back to the beginning of humankind, to be human is to be hospitable. The rule of St Benedict used by Monks for fifteen centuries has a vow of hospitality. This means that to be a good person we must be hospitable. The world needs to embrace hospitality in its many different forms, to understand different cultures, our differences through better communication and sharing of ideas. Hospitality can bring peace to the world, weapons win wars but ideas, communication and acceptance brings peace. Hospitality brings people together, through sharing and social interaction. It helps to promote and develop a civilised society. To achieve this we need more hospitality and training education in the world. Much can be learned from all the subjects that embrace hospitality. Therefore, we welcome whole heartedly the International hospitality day, it’s vital relevance and importance to the world. Read More

Industry Speaks

Sandeep Johri

GM & Novotel , Kolkata

Kumar Shobhan

GM & Hyatt Regency , Kolkata

Manish Gupta

GM & Taj Bengal , Kolkata

Pramode Bhandari

GM & The Park Hotels

Samrat Dutta

GM & Taj Bengal , Kolkata

Gaurav Singh

Multi Property VP & JW Marriot

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